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Friday, August 24, 2012

End of Summer Limericks

I wrote these for a "sand and sea" limerick contest. 

Limericks, as a folk form of poetry, began in England and Ireland in the 1800's and were often recited aloud in pubs as a form of entertainment. They consist of 5 stanzas following a strict AABBA rhyme scheme.

There was always a thread of competition to see who got the most and loudest laughs. These rounds of limericks were of course accompanied by rounds of beer and got progessively bawdier as the night went on. By nature, limericks are humorous, absurd and always a bit "salty" or risque and sometimes downright crude. I've tamed mine down just a little.

The Boy from Impanema

A girl met a boy from Impanema
who expertly shook her caiperinia.
She tossed the pink umbrella
and bedded the bronzed fella,
waking penniless and parched in the marina.

Aunt Beatrice

Aunt Bea took a trip to Greece,
a gift from her doting niece.
She re-tied the knot
on Yannis' yacht.
Uncle Al--may he rest in peace!

Rio Trio

She met a lover in Rio
Who had a best friend named Leo.
They asked her to tango,
and fed her a mango,
and now they're a happy trio.


A curious chap named Sweeney
Uncorked a rusty old genie,
Who granted his wish
to swim like a fish
While wearing his wife's bikini!

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